Life cycle management of critical electronic materials

Reducing the negative impact of hazardous chemicals in the semiconductor industry

MOFs can selectively adsorb, store and deliver ultra-high purity gases at sub-atmospheric pressures, offering performance advantages over traditional carbon-based adsorbent technology.

The global semiconductor industry trusts Numat’s solutions to deliver critical yet hazardous dopant gases for important processing steps such as ion implantation. Numat’s ION-X® sub-atmospheric gas delivery system is designed for ion implantation and is the first commercial product using Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) materials. 

Achieving electronic material purity for sub 10 nanometer devices

One of the biggest hurdles to reaching the next node of semiconductor devices is impurities in electronic materials at the part per billion and trillion level.

Many new and varied gases are now available to the electronics industry as it works to advance its next-node technology. Even parts-per-billion impurities in these gases can dramatically impact device performance. 

The International Roadmap for Devices and Systems lists gas purity as the biggest challenge for advancement into sub-10 nanometer microelectronics devices. Leveraging the power of MOFs, Numat can selectively isolate target gas molecules with unprecedented precision and design flexibility. 

By removing seemingly impossible-to-eliminate impurities, our enabling technology drives circularity in the industry and realizes unparalleled gas purity levels in applications where performance matters most.

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Semiconductor Climate Consortium

Numat is a proud member of the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC).

Together with SEMI and the global semiconductor industry, we are working toward creating a more sustainable future.

Formed by SEMI and joined by member companies across the semiconductor value chain, the SCC’s mission is to accelerate the semiconductor industry’s response to the challenge of climate change. Its vision is to accelerate progressive climate action – including support of the Paris Agreement and related accords – with the goal of limiting global warming potential to 1.5°C.


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