Chemical Packaging

Solving chemical packaging challenges

The effective packaging of chemicals is of critical importance across a range of industries. Effective chemical packaging can play many roles including increasing storage capacity and stabilizing reactive species.

Leveraging nanoscale control across macroscale domains, MOFs offer an ideal solution to address chemical packaging challenges. Numat’s robust capabilities enable our ability to encapsulate target chemicals, densify with low pressure and control the release in a highly controlled environment, enhancing existing function and bringing new capabilities to packaging solutions.

Success Story


Hazardous gases are used across the electronics industry to produce critical components at the heart of electronic devices. 

Numat’s MOF-based chemical packaging allows for higher capacity of these hazardous gases to be stored sub-atmospherically, while maintaining stability and purity. ION-X® gas delivery systems increase instrument uptime, and can be deployed on existing systems.


Speed Meets Scale

Our world-class platform integrates MOFs into products and processes, merging chemistry innovation with manufacturing at industrial scale.

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