Chemical Separations

Our chemical separation technologies enable our partners to meet their carbon emission targets while reducing cost.

Chemical separations produce feedstocks that are employed across consumer, medical, and industrial markets powering the global economy.

Today, chemical separations consume over 10% of global power usage and in the United States alone account for 100 billion tons of carbon emissions. Numat’s precision chemistries can be deployed across a broad range of chemical separations reducing energy usage and mitigating carbon emissions.


Success Story

High Value Separation

In collaboration with an industrial partner Numat successfully developed a procedure for the separation of two molecules previously deemed impossible to separate.

This work involved the identification of a novel material through computations, followed by material synthesis, performance validation, scale-up, prototype testing, and commercialization,

This development opened up a new pathway to a high value molecule used in the electronics industry, reducing the cost of production and enabling Numat’s partner to provide their customers with an effective solution at a lower cost-of-ownership.

Success Story

Membrane Separation

In collaboration with an industrial partner Numat is developing a membrane separation process to displace an industrially relevant distillation process.

A non-thermal separation process that can be run continuously, membranes offer dramatic energy savings when compared to traditional separation processes.

The membrane technology leverages Numat’s precision chemistry coupled with our partner’s membrane solution to effect the separation of the targeted molecules.


Speed Meets Scale

Our world-class platform integrates MOFs into products and processes, merging chemistry innovation with manufacturing at industrial scale.

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