Chemical Protection

Protection for mission critical environments

Protection for mission critical environments

Numat is addressing the emerging requirements for next-level chemical protection, offering a performance trade space not available with incumbent technology. 

SENTINEL™ filtration materials, Numat’s commercial chemical protection solution, leverages the ultra-high porosity and vast surface area of MOFs to effectively capture and detoxify chemical threats, increasing performance. This solution is a major step forward; offering protective equipment manufacturers the ultimate chemical protection and detoxification performance in a single material.

Success Story


CBRN garments are notoriously hot and bulky, loaded with toxic PFAS, and difficult to decontaminate.

The US Department of Defense has demonstrated that SENTINEL™ is the only material that both captures and destroys chemical warfare agents. When used by garment manufacturers, SENTINEL™ creates low-burden PFAS-free garments that destroy agents on contact.


Speed Meets Scale

Our world-class platform integrates MOFs into products and processes, merging chemistry innovation with manufacturing at industrial scale.

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