Emissions Abatement

“The cost of harmful chemical and heavy metal exposures surpasses 10% of global GDP.” – UBS

As industries are pressed to find solutions to reduce greenhouse gases, MOFs provide a powerful platform to capture hazardous chemicals such as ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine, organophosphates and more.

Numat’s MOF-based SENTINEL™ technology makes the world’s best filters for the hazardous industrial chemicals polluting our air. Trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense to protect the lives of our soldiers and fire responders, this same technology can be developed to shield our built environment from industrial emissions.

Applying SENTINEL™ technology to precisely capture and separate hazardous chemicals to hard-to-abate toxic and greenhouse gases enables us to solve sustainability challenges for those most in harm’s way. Utilizing this capability, we can develop a database of precision chemistry interactions with hazardous chemicals and greenhouse gases to build an industrial toolkit for process industries looking to reduce emissions. 


Speed Meets Scale

Our world-class platform integrates MOFs into products and processes, merging chemistry innovation with manufacturing at industrial scale.

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