Next-generation chemical and biological protection solutions

The US military and allies deters chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) warfare through the proliferation of improved protective equipment.

Adversaries develop chemicals to break through allied protective gear, gaining an asymmetric advantage and increasing the likelihood of chemical weapon deployment.

Current general-purpose gas masks lack protection against toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and complex, small molecule gases. Other solutions increase training complexity, logistical burden, or impair breathability. Our customers want a solution that provides TIC protection without compromising other properties.

Numat’s SENTINEL™ fills the gaps, immediately improving threat readiness and unencumbering the warfighter.

Today, Numat supports the extreme environments industry by providing innovative solutions designed to reduce the negative impact of chemical and biological threats on human health and the environment.



Military respiratory protection mask filter that removes the required CBN agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) 


Smart textiles

Military uniforms and fabrics with decontamination functions to deactivate the incoming chemical agent attacks and TICs


First responder

Non-military respiratory protection mask filter that meets NIOSH and other general standards for first responders



Active function adsorbents in coating paints to protect vehicles, buildings and others from CBRN attacks

Better filters, better protection

SENTINEL™ filtration materials effectively filters decontaminants in a wide range of filtration technologies, and enables filters that protect better, encumber less, and simplify usage.

Filters developed with SENTINEL™ filtration materials maintain protection while being made thinner, reducing pressure drop, bulkiness, breathing resistance, and compressor energy cost. 

Performance without PFAS

CBRN garments are notoriously hot and bulky, loaded with toxic PFAS, and challenging to decontaminate.

The US Department of Defense has demonstrated that SENTINEL™ is the only material that both captures and destroys chemical warfare agents. When used by garment manufacturers, SENTINEL™ creates low-burden PFAS-free garments that destroy agents on contact.


Speed Meets Scale

Our world-class platform integrates MOFs into products and processes, merging chemistry innovation with manufacturing at industrial scale.

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