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Our mission and values aren’t just words; they’re in the fabric of our culture. When our diverse team of doers, drivers, and dreamers work together towards a shared goal, we experience the greatest impact.

Our Values

What does it mean to be a Numate?
Integrity, Learning, Ambition.

Our core values shape our culture and drive who we hire, how we work, and every decision we make.

Be Future Driven

Have the courage to set ambitious goals and to build the solutions driving tomorrow. 

Learn and Evolve

Learning momentum and the ability to evolve quickly is how we win.

Get It Done

Do what you say, execute with intensity of purpose, never compromise safety or quality. 

Do the Right Thing

Uncompromising integrity and empathy are core to who we are and to how we do things. 

Why Numat?

At Numat, we love coming to work everyday. Join us, we think you will too. 



We believe our fun, collaborative nature makes for the best environment for innovation.



We are committed to learning and development opportunities to help employees reach their fullest potential.



We welcome you to be unapologetically yourself in an environment where you will grow and thrive. 



Are you looking for meaningful work? Every member of our team plays a critical and visible role in our success.

Diversity & Inclusion

We’re proud of our diverse team and foster a culture where employees feel valued, included and empowered. We know diversity drives greater innovation, so dynamic, diverse individuals are welcome and supported here.

Hear from the Numates

“I’m excited by the endless opportunities within the company and the chance to contribute to groundbreaking discoveries that will revolutionize the industry. Working at Numat fills me with a sense of purpose. I look forward to coming to work and collaborating with coworkers to achieve our individual and company-wide goals.”

Victoria Groberski, Applied Chemist

“Numat has always been a welcoming place with awesome people that are always down to work-hard play-hard. It’s the perfect balance of making sure we hit all of our targets and exceed project requirements while not taking ourselves too seriously and making this a fun environment to work in. As someone who is Honduran and one of the first 20 employees, I’ve felt like my diverse experiences and opinions are accepted and celebrated. 

Furthermore, Numat has such a diverse employee base (in terms of experience) that I’ve been able to get a crash course on many different industries and scientific processes. From pesticide scientists to refinery engineers, it’s been amazing to learn from different people and be able to apply knowledge from a variety of industries to MOF problems. This is the unique advantage of Numat, as we are able to solve the world’s most complex problems using a unique technology and a diverse set of knowledge.”

Edwin Argueta, Product Development Manager

“Numat’s creative culture thrives from the variety of experiences and individuals that make up this company. This creative alignment allows us to achieve complex challenges while having the liberty to incorporate our uniqueness.”

Randi groy, Product development manager

“From day one, I felt a sense of belonging and support from the entire Numat team, creating and promoting an environment where collaboration and innovation thrive. My favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to tackle diverse challenges every day, individually and as a team, allowing me to continuously learn and grow both personally and professionally. The company’s mission to solve problems that matter and make a positive impact in people’s lives resonates deeply with me, and I’m inspired by the passionate individuals at the company. It’s the genuine dedication of our leadership team, coupled with the great benefits provided, that make me excited to come to work every day and contribute to our shared success.”

Ernesto Magaña, Senior Engineering Manager

“I am proud to work for a company that honors a balanced work-life culture. I have never worked for a company that embraces flexibility, diversity, and camaraderie. I find myself thinking this is too good to be true on a daily basis; not many people can say that throughout their careers.”

Julia Hampton, Administrative Coordinator

“I’ve been with Numat for six years. During this time, we’ve had to grow up and hold ourselves to a higher standard. Being a part of that growth has been phenomenal. What I enjoy is that this change has not affected the overall attitude of the people of Numat. We still strive to provide a fun, friendly, and inclusive work environment. The best part of working here is the ability to talk and learn about what is happening in the company, from lab personnel to the leadership team. This motivates me because I can see how my work impacts the company.”

Roberto Flores, Process Development Specialist

“There’s no price on feeling appreciated, that your work matters to other humans and that you can grow and learn among a diverse team. That’s the best part of working at Numat.”

Julian Badillo, Senior Software Engineer

“I’m tremendously excited by the opportunity to work alongside brilliant and passionate colleagues who share in the vision to solve the problems that matter. I am humbled by the determination and grit of our team to solve complex challenges. The possibility of discovery and doing things that others can’t is incredibly motivating.”

– Ben Hernandez, Founder and CEO

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