Numat Announces Launch of SENTINEL™ Filtration Platform, Revolutionizing Chemical Protection Technology for 21st Century Threats

SENTINEL™ platform enables a step-change in performance over incumbent technology, bridging critical safety and environmental gaps in advanced chemical protection solutions.

Chicago, Illinois, March 6, 2024 – Numat Technologies, Inc. (“Numat”), a global leader in metal-organic frameworks (“MOFs”), announces the launch of the SENTINEL™ MOF filtration platform. Endorsed and qualified over incumbent technologies by leading equipment manufacturers and end users in the Defense and Industrial safety communities, SENTINEL™ offers superior protection against current and emerging chemical threats. Numat will manufacture commercial quantities of SENTINEL™ MOFs for its partners, who will integrate this MOF technology into next-generation air filters, gas masks, and reactive fabrics to protect emergency responders without the use of per- and polyfluorinated substances, or PFAS.

“Numat is proud to offer SENTINEL™-enabled advanced chemical protection solutions in direct response to the needs of Numat’s customers and our partners at the U.S. Department of Defense operating in extreme environments,” stated Chip Leen, Numat’s Executive Vice President, Industrials. “These SENTINEL™ solutions will equip warfighters and first responders with the best available technology to face increasing chemical and biological threats.” 

SENTINEL™ MOFs precisely and effectively remove contaminants such as ammonia (NH3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and chlorine (Cl2) from the environment. Their exceptional selectivity and vast surface area enable SENTINEL™ MOFs to outperform existing filtration technologies, delivering a step-change in performance in a variety of applications.

“As the industry leader in MOFs, Numat is strategically positioned to rapidly derive and scale materials to address growing customer demand across business segments,” says Ben Hernandez, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Numat. “Numat’s capabilities enable opportunities for SENTINEL™ MOF crossover applications in the Energy sector, which will play a key role in achieving emissions reduction and decarbonization goals.”

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