Jeff Dysard, Numat EVP & CTO, joins Panel Discussion at Chemicals Day at the 2024 ADI Forum

Watch as Jeff Dysard, Numat’s EVP & CTO, takes the stage during Chemicals Day at the 2024 ADI Forum. Jeff joins Matthew M. Seabaugh, Founder, HeatPath Solutions, and Uday Turaga, Founder & CEO, ADI Analytics, for a panel discussion where he shares the advantages of MOFs and how Numat is scaling this technology with strategic partners with the energy, oil and gas markets to drive efficiencies in refineries and chemical plants.

Numat’s MOF-based solutions support the decarbonization of the energy and oil and gas sectors by reducing the carbon intensity of energy intensive separations, reducing scope 2 emissions. The role of Numat’s precision chemistry is two-fold in this area, abating emissions from power generation and enabling the efficient use of power by users. 

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